Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Winters in Pitlochry (from November to March) are usually mild and wet, punctuated by the occasional, sub zero, cold snap.  
You can also expect the odd snow storm like we've experienced over the past few days, when the Highland Perthshire landscape turns magically white!

The Atholl Road Pitlochry

The entrance to Craigatin House & Courtyard Pitlochry

Looking north up the Atholl Road Pitlochry

Towards town centre on the Atholl Road Pitlochry

Heading into the town centre on the Atholl Road Pitlochry

Winters day on the Pitlochry Dam and Fish Ladder

The A9 Trunk Road at Pitlochry - Passable with care!

Pitlochry side roads after a particularly heavy snow fall!

Road to the Pitlochry Festival Theatre

View of the Pitlochry Dam from Fonab Bridge

Pitlochry side roads

Railway snow plough passing through Pitlochry

The Atholl Road Pitlochry

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