Tuesday, 23 December 2014


The weather in Pitlochry.  As with the rest of the United Kingdom, Pitlochry has a maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters.  The warmest driest months are May to September and the coolest wettest months are October to March.  You can expect the warmest day of the year to reach 26 degrees Centigrade (79.3 degrees Fahrenheit) and the coldest winter night to be circa -10 degrees Centigrade (12 degrees Fahrenheit).  So when is the best time to visit Craigatin House Pitlochry?  Anytime is the best time, with lots to see and do the scenery is beautiful whatever the weather! 
Pitlochry Weather

The weather in Pitlochry - Autumn

Winter - The weather in Pitlochry

The weather in Pitlochry - Annual Summary

Summer - The Weather in Pitlochry

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