Monday, 12 September 2011

Craigatin House & Courtyard Visits Stanley Mills

We've just returned from a fantastic afternoon at Stanley Mills,
an old mill just a few miles south of Pitlochry.

Stanley Mills is one the best-preserved relics of the 18th-century Industrial Revolution.

It was established as a cotton mill by local merchants, with support from the English cotton baron Richard Arkwright.

Textiles were produced here for 200 years.

The mills were built in 1786 at a hairpin bend in the River Tay, where tremendous water-power was available. Machinery was powered initially by water wheels, and latterly by electricity generated by water-powered turbines.

As the market changed and new technologies developed, buildings were added, adapted, expanded, shut down, reopened and demolished.

Highly reccommended attraction by
Craigatin House & Courtyard Pitlochry.

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