Thursday, 7 July 2011


Coming to Craigatin House Pitlochry from Glasgow? Do take the A822 Tourist Route off the A9 to Pitlochry.

From the town of Crieff its an awesome drive through the Sma’ Glen, where you'll pass from the lowlands into the Scottish Highlands.

It is a typical Highland glen in appearance though only a short one and when passing through it it is difficult to think that only a few miles away to the south is lowland country.

The valley is watered by the infant river Almond and the steep sides are clothed with heather and blaeberry plants.

It is void of trees except for a few which flourish in the lower part of the glen.

On a hill overlooking it is a rock known as the Eagles Rock and doubtless in the old days the golden eagle had its eyrie here.

A great way to go when coming to Craigatin House & Courtyard Pitlochry!

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